O Teach Me How I Should Forget To Think (Romeo)

from by Literature Through Music



Act I Scene I


Benvolio, is the day so young? (I.I.158)
O my dear cousin, sad hours seem long. (I.I.159)
O me, what fray was here? Yet tell me not,
I have heard it all. (I.I.171)
Here’s much to do with hate, but more with love (I.I.172)

Love is a smoke made with a fume of sighs;
Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers’ eyes (I.I.189)
Tut, I have lost myself, I am not here.
This is not Romeo, he’s some otherwhere. (I.I.195)
In sadness, I do love a woman, oh cousin, she’s fair... (I.I.204)

She is too fair, too wise, wisely too fair
To merit bliss by making me despair. (I.I.219)
She hath forsworn to love, and in that vow
Do I live dead that live to tell it now (I.I.221)
O teach me how I should forget to think! (I.I.224)


from Romeo & Juliet - The Musical, releases October 1, 2019


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