What If This Mixture Does Not Work At All? (Juliet)

from by Literature Through Music



Act IV Scene III


So please you, let me now be left alone and let the nurse this night sit up with you
For I am sure that you have your hands full in all of this sudden business (IV.III.12)

[JULIET aside]
Farewell! God knows when we’ll meet again.
My dismal scene, I needs must act alone.

Come, vial, what if this mixture does not work at all?
Shall I be married then, to-morrow morning? This dagger says ‘no’! (IV.III.24)

Come vial, what if the friar hath given me poison, to have me dead?
What if I’m laid in the tomb and awake before my Romeo comes? (IV.III.32)

O, look! methinks I see my cousin’s ghost, seeking out my Romeo (IV.III.55)
Romeo, Romeo, I come. This I do drink to thee. (IV.III.57)


from Romeo & Juliet - The Musical, releases October 1, 2019


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